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I Did My Happy Dance When I Gained Nine Pounds

I love bread!

Nothing beats the smell and warm texture just before tearing into a loaf when it comes out of the oven.

I can eat bread plain, dipped in oil, with pesto, or even with a little hummus. It doesn’t matter. Each bite tastes amazing and feels like a hug from the inside.

Bread is instant gratification. It’s my companion when I’m stressed. It’s my comfort when I’m in a funk. It’s also my go-to when I’m lonely or bored.

Yes, my love of bread makes me an emotional eater. And, thanks to my obsession with carbs, I’ve put on 9 pounds in the last 4 months.

Bread Has Gotten Me Through Some Tough Times

While family and friends are always there to support me, bread had been my “friend” too.

Years ago, I had breast cancer and went through chemotherapy. At the time, my body could only handle bread. It was easy to digest and tasted so good!

Bread was my pal during my recent three-month stay in Portugal. Thanks to COVID-19, I was in Lisbon longer than planned because it was unsafe to travel. While it wasn’t an overwhelming experience; it was an isolating one.

Portuguese love toast sandwiches. Avocado, eggs, hummus, meat — you name it, it goes on toast. Once I tried the bread used to make this common Portuguese meal, I was hooked.

On the days it rained during the lockdown in Lisbon, I grabbed a piece of bread with hummus, lightly toasted it, and then quickly devoured it. On the days when it was sunny and safe to go outdoors, I’d start my day dipping bread into something yummy.

While in Portugal, I did my best to adjust. However, processing a global health crisis in an unfamiliar environment was a bit daunting at times. Thanks to my love of bread, it became a little easier.

I’ll Never Be a Size 2

COVID-19, my breast cancer battle, and other personal experiences have reminded me that tomorrow isn’t promised. I’ve also learned that I’m past the point of striving to be something that I’m not.

So, while I’ve gained 9 pounds in the last few months, I’m good. I’m happy that I have a vice that’s not that unhealthy; especially while managing life during very uncertain times.

I made it back to America about a month ago and braved the scale. Even though the number was higher than it was a few months prior, I was thankful. After all, the cause of my slight weight gain was bread. And so, I celebrated by doing my happy dance!



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